J.V. Aranda is a Collage Artist and Photographer, originally from San Diego, California.

For print/commission inquiries or correspondence, JVA is just an email away. 

As featured in "The Age Of Collage: Contemporary Collage In Modern Art" published by Gestalten

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“The Golden Age” is a series of 100 Collages using imagery from American comics of the 1940’s and 50’s, also known as the “golden age” era of comics, subverting their original narratives to tell stories about being an artist: exploring the creative process, the artistic pursuit, and the effects of these ambitions, from personal predicaments to the business of creating art and putting it out into the world, while aiming to celebrate the work of comic book artists working during this era.   “The Golden Age” is dedicated to my fellow artists: past, present and future; fighting the good fight.